The Pink Lady® guide to surviving Christmas

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Whether you’re a festive force to be reckoned with or a Christmas curmudgeon, there’s no escaping the fact that it can be pretty stressful getting ready for the annual tinsel and turkey-fest. While we can’t guarantee family harmony and snow on Christmas Day, we hope our seasonal top tips will help you enjoy the holidays by freeing up a bit more tim…

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Delicious combinations you can make using Pink Lady® apples 

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Whether hot in a crumble or cold in a fruit salad, apples are enjoyed by many every day. But did you know that this staple fruit can be used in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to create mouth-watering dishes you’d be proud to show off at any dinner party (or eat in secret yourself because they’re so good, you might not want to share). We’ve c…

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Style your food snaps like a pro

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Have you ever wondered how the professionals get food to look so appetising in their photography?While you might not have the time to arrange your scattered parsley with a pair of tweezers or want to paint your chicken with a mixture of cooking oil and marmite to make it shine, there are plenty of tricks of the trade that you can use to make your f…

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How to get food snapping like an expert

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Whether you’re an aspiring chef, a budding baker or simply enjoy shopping for ingredients and eating out, the chances are you’ve been inspired to take a photo of food at some point. Judging by the fact that there are more than 147 million posts on Instagram using #food, it’s fair to say that we all love to capture images of the things we eat.But ho…

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Tweet To Eat and Get Some Sweet #Snackisfaction®

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This summer, Pink Lady® is giving you the chance to win the ultimate Snackisfaction treat! All you have to do is tweet our special apple tree using the hashtag #Snackisfaction and you’ll be delivered a perfect, blushing Pink Lady® apple.We’ll be visiting cities across the London and the south giving away more than 80,000 delicious Pink Lady® apples…

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The Scale of Snackisfaction®

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Our research into snacking habits showed that many people don’t get the best from their snack break. We were keen to discover which snack offered the best combination of sensory and emotional satisfaction. Taking into account overall liking and overall satisfaction Leatherhead Food Research created a Scale of Snackisfaction® to rank common snack ch…

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