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They have a sweet, crisp crunch and juicy burst of flavour in every bite, but Pink Lady® apples are more than just the perfect snack, and they're perfect for cooking too. Your favourite apple takes meals from everyday to happy days. Add a beautiful bite to your bakes and dishes with some of our favourite recipes that we know you’ll love.

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Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® apple, almond and seed breakfast loaf

This delicious fibre-providing breakfast option boasts no less than 10 different plants, which will leave you feeling satisfied and encourage your gut microbes to thrive.

Category: Dessert

Pink Lady® Apple & Carrot Menopause Cake

The perfect cake to share with friends while swapping menopause stories!

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady Apple® on Proper Nutty Peanut Butter and Toast

Pink Lady® has teamed up with Proper Nutty in a Proper WOW collaboration, combining two slices of your...

Category: Snacks

Proper Nutty Peanut Butter board with Pink Lady® apple slices

Pink Lady® has teamed up with Proper Nutty in a Proper WOW collaboration to create this perfect peanut...

Category: Sides

Pink Lady® Apple and Ginger Chutney

This Ultimate Pink Lady® Apple and Ginger Chutney is simple, easy to make and will take your picnic...

Category: Snacks

Pink Lady® Fruit Kebabs

The most delicious way to get your 5-a-day. Not only are these Ultimate Pink Lady® apple fruit kebabs...

Category: Mains

Pink Lady® Apple and Fennel Pasta Salad

Quick and delicious Ultimate Pink Lady® Apple & Fennel Pasta Salad is a go-to recipe for summer picnics...

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