Pink Lady® Moments of Joy

Photo credit: Sylvie Pabion/Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023

Pink Lady® Moments of Joy

With the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023 winners finally revealed, we would like to congratulate the first ever winner of the Pink Lady® Moments of Joy category, a brand new category to join the awards.

Zhonghua Yang from China was crowned the Pink Lady® Moments of Joy category winner by the expert panel of judges with the image Hanging Up Persimmons.

Hanging Up Persimmons - Zhonghua Yang

Of the winning shot, photographer Zhonghua Yang commented: “Autumn in Shanxi province, China. The mountainous region located in the Taihang Mountains is so cold and dry that making hanging persimmon cakes is the main source of income for local farmers. The persimmons are harvested, peeled, dressed and hung under the eaves in bunches, waiting to soften and freeze, hoping they will bring a good price in the New Year.”

As the headline sponsor of the Awards since their beginning in 2011, this year we reimagined our own category in the renowned Awards. New for 2023, the Pink Lady® Moment of Joy category invited portrayals of the intimate, special or ordinary moments of joy that are shared through the universal language of food.

Inspired by the simple moment of joy of biting into a Pink Lady® apple, our new category encouraged photographers to use this emotion as a starting point for depictions of people interacting with food.

We are so proud of all the images entered – the category depicted a range of emotions in the moments of joy captured by each photographer: from excitement and anticipation to pride, satisfaction and contentment.

See the finalists gallery here: