• What kind of apple is a Pink Lady® apple?

    Pink Lady® apples are the best of a variety of apples called Cripps Pink – a tasty cross between Golden Delicious and Lady William.
  • What does a Pink Lady® apple taste like?

    Crisp, sweet and delicious with a wonderful fizz.
  • What does a Pink Lady® apple look like?

    Light green with a pink blush.
  • How big is a Pink Lady® apple? Do they come in different sizes?

    Pink Lady® apples average between 65-90mm diameter and on average weigh 133g, but we also do smaller PinKids® apples.
  • Where do Pink Lady® apples come from?

    From France to Italy, America, Chile, and Argentina and from South Africa to Australia and New Zealand, our orchards are scattered among the finest vineyards in the world.
  • What happens to the Pink Lady® apples that don't fit the quality standards required?

    The apples that don’t get to wear a Pink Lady® sticker don’t go to waste - they are used for lots of different things including our delicious Pink Lady® apple juice.
  • How long does it take for a Pink Lady® apple to grow?

    7 months, 200 days of sunshine.
  • How many calories are there in a Pink Lady® apple?

    A typical Pink Lady® apple contains 70kcal.
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