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Discover delicious vegan apple recipes right here.

From sumptuous savoury dishes to sweet and scrumptious desserts, you can whip up all sorts of vegan treats using Pink Lady® apples as a key ingredient. Whether you’re looking for a showstopping recipe for a dinner party at home, or just looking to freshen up your weekday breakfasts, we’ve got plenty of recipes for you to try.

Pink Lady® apples are naturally sweet with a crisp crunch and a juicy fizz, which makes them such a great ingredient to cook with. So, take a quick look at our vegan apple recipes below. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

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Vegan recipes

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Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® apple & vanilla waffles

You might think that waffles are complicated, fussy and not the healthiest recipe to make for breakfast, but...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® Apple Smoothie with Granola Topping

If there is anything that is likely to cheer you up on a dreary morning then it is...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® apple & cinnamon pancakes

Treat yourself to Sunday brunch with this Pink Lady® pancake recipe. The perfect flavour combination of cinnamon and...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® apple and coconut overnight oats

Overnight oats are a delicious and easy way to banish the bland from your breakfast. This overnight oats...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® Oaty Breakfast Bars

These Pink Lady® oaty breakfast bars make a delicious and healthy start to your day – they’re packed...

Category: Breakfast

Vegan Pink Lady® apple and maple syrup crêpes

If you are looking to create a bountiful breakfast, these vegan Pink Lady® apple and maple syrup crêpes...

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