Pink Lady® Donates 150k Apples to UK Charities Through FareShare Partnership

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Pink Lady® is sharing the WOW with families across the UK, following a donation of 150,000 apples to FareShare this year.

Our partnership with FareShare – the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste – began in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past three years, we have run programmes to raise awareness and donate over 1.3 million apples to charities and community groups across the UK. That’s the equivalent of almost 380,000 meals in the fight to combat hunger and poverty.

This summer, we wanted to share the wow and support people at a time when many people were struggling to provide meals to their families. Our donation of 150,000 apples to FareShare was re-distributed to 617 UK charities and community groups, many of which support vulnerable young people, asylum seekers and refugees.

As part of our ongoing commitment to FareShare, from November 2023, packs of Pink Lady® apples will feature a roundel highlighting the partnership. We will also launch a PR and social media campaign to shine a spotlight on FareShare’s work to tackle food poverty in the UK, as well as sharing the impact of Pink Lady®’s donations to date.

By working closely with FareShare, not only can we share our delicious apples with those facing food poverty, but we can also play an active role in combatting hunger and tackling food waste.