10 Reasons to love Pink Lady® Apples

There are infinite reasons to love our blushing beauties, from their sweet, sparkling texture to their burst of juicy flavour.

But there's even more to our Pink Lady® apples that you may never have discovered! We've listed 10 of our favourite reasons below to give you a little taste of what makes our perfectly pink pommes just so wonderful.

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The Perfect Snack On the Go

If you’re on the go, a Pink Lady® apple is perfect to pick up and enjoy wherever you need to be. At your desk, after a workout, or commuting to work, a crisp and juicy Pink Lady® is the perfect snack.


The Original Super Food

Not only are Pink Lady® apples bursting with flavour, they’re also fat-free, a source of fibre and count as one of your 5-a-day. Take a look at our guide to apple nutrition for nutrition information on Pink Lady® apples.

Only picked when perfect

Only picked when perfect

Every Pink Lady® apple is hand-picked and checked for excellent quality so it can be sold as a Pink Lady®. That means it will be naturally sweet with a crisp crunch and a juicy fizz every time.

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We Don’t Rush the Blush

Pink Lady® apples are the first to blossom and the last to be harvested, so they have all that time to soak up every possible ray of sunshine. This generous 200 days of sunshine gives Pink Lady® its gorgeous rosy blush and refreshing sweetness in every bite.

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Best for Baking

With a natural sweetness, Pink Lady® apples are perfect for baking at home. From cupcakes to crumbles and tarts to pies, you can enjoy Pink Lady® apples in whatever you’re baking.

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Passport to perfection

Pink Lady® apples are grown in the sunniest spots all over the world with the richest soil and perfect climate for growing sweet, crisp and crunchy apples. And that’s why every Pink Lady® apple is as good as the last.

Delicious savoury meals

Delicious Savoury Recipes

It’s not just about sweet treats or on the go snacks when it comes to Pink Lady® apples. You can add them to all sorts of healthy and filling dinner time meals, lunches and breakfasts. Why not add a Pink Lady® apple to your next salad?


Prize pickings

When you pick up a Pink Lady® apple or subscribe to our newsletter, you could be in with a chance of winning great prizes, such as a spa break or a trip to our orchards.

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Pink Lady® Cares

Pink Lady® apples taste good and do good. From reducing our impact on the planet to supporting our growers and inspiring our customers, we always strive to make a positive difference.

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Headline Sponsor of the Food Photographer of the Year award

Pink Lady® sponsors the Food Photographer of the Year to support incredibly talented photographers and give them the recognition they deserve.

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