The Perfect Pink Lady® Apples

Pink Lady® apples strive for one thing: to deliver the perfect apple every time.

Grown to exacting standards, only the best of the best are chosen, picked by hand and rewarded with the Pink Lady® heart-shaped seal of approval.

Pink Lady® apples are grown in the greatest wine regions of the world, and owe their warm blush to the sun. They are the first apples to blossom and the last to be harvested, and that extra time on the tree, along with a warm climate and rich, fertile soil give Pink Lady® apples their sweet, succulent crunch and famous colour.

The Snack-Swap Challenge

Having a snack should be nothing but satisfying – and when yours is a Pink Lady® apple, it’s exactly that. So join the nation as we swap those nasty snacks that leave us sad and go for guaranteed snackisfaction.

Swap your snack

Please complete your snack swap by choosing a time of day and a snack.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Brain Snacks

It’s time to snackisfy your whole self with these snackable, bite-sized treats for the perfect brain break. Great for when you’re tucking in to your Pink Lady® apple. Why not escape to our orchards with this video fly-through, read our snack-size story,  or play our moreish tile game!

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