Avoid hidden sugars with a snackisfying Pink Lady® 

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It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that low-calorie and low-fat snacks are as good for you as a piece of fruit but what most people tend to forget about is the hidden sugar content in so-called healthy snacks. 

A small sugar intake, such as one Pink Lady® apple (10g sugar), provides our bodies with just the right amount of sugar for an energy boost throughout the day. However, the high levels of sugar in other snacks cannot be converted to just energy and the body’s solution to this is to store excess sugar as fat instead.The sugar and fibre balance in a Pink Lady® apple also makes it the perfect kind of apple for diabetics, as the high fibre levels help to regulate blood sugar levels¹.

We’ve done the hard work for you and worked out how much sugar you can save at snack time by swapping from your usual sugar fuelled treat to an equally snackisfying Pink Lady® apple. 

• Swap a Total 0% Fat Free Yoghurt with Honey (170g) which contains 19.6g of sugar for a Pink Lady® apple and save a huge 9.6g of sugar*

• Swap an Eat Natural Cashew and Blueberry Bar (45g) which contains 18.5g of sugar for a Pink Lady® apple and save an impressive 8.5g of sugar*

• Swap a Pineapples, Bananas and Coconuts Innocent smoothie (250ml) which contains 31g of sugar for a Pink Lady® apple and save 21g of sugar*



*Based on 100g of Pink Lady® apple (10g sugar and 47 calories)

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