5 Ways to Make Your Pink Lady® Apple Taste Even Better

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Here at Pink Lady®, we’re all about bringing sensational experiences to life and getting maximum enjoyment out of what we eat.

We’ve teamed up with leading gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University to decode the scintillating science of Sensploration: how all of our senses impact each and every eating experience and play a vital role in how much we enjoy whatever we’re eating.

Want to try Charles’ Sensploration science for yourself? Try out these tips below to help unleash the crisp crunch and sweet juicy burst of a Pink Lady® apple, for the ultimate multi-sensory eating experience.

1. Eat it outdoors

Simply stepping outside to enjoy your Pink Lady® apple can heighten your enjoyment of eating it. Research shows that tucking into your favourite snack in a natural environment will provide a superior experience compared with eating indoors, with the sensory elements of nature all contributing to how much we’ll enjoy the apple we’re about to eat.

  • Find a spot where you can immerse yourself in nature
  • Lay out your favourite picnic blanket
  • Hold a fresh crunchy Pink Lady® apple in your hand
  • Spend 5-10 minutes soaking in your surroundings – feel the breeze and the texture of the grass around you, listen to birdsong and the wind in the trees, and smell the flowers or plants in bloom
  • Take a big bite and savour the crisp crunch and juicy sweetness of your Pink Lady® apple

2. Listen to your favourite music while eating

It’s been proven that background music can influence our sensory experience of food, with the science of ‘sonic seasoning’ showing how different types of music impact the way we taste in different ways. When it comes to a Pink Lady® apple, different sounds draw attention to different flavour characteristics.

  • Bring out the tartness of a Pink Lady® apple with high-pitched and fast music
  • Want to make our apples taste even sweeter? Put on some slow, soft melodies to bring out ultimate sweetness
  • For enhanced enjoyment, simply put on your favourite song or playlist whilst you eat your Pink Lady® apple

3. Eat straight from the fridge for maximum crisp crunch

Ever wondered why the delicious crunch of biting into a Pink Lady® apple is so satisfying? It turns out we naturally have a preference for noisy foods, as the sounds help draw attention to the sensations in our mouths, making eating them more pleasurable. So to heighten your enjoyment when you take that first satisfying, noisy bite…

  • Keep your Pink Lady® apples in the fridge for maximum freshness
  • Grab your apple straight from the fridge
  • Take notice of the sonic and texture sensations in your mouth resulting from the difference in temperature

4. Try chewing with your mouth open to accentuate the sound of the crunch

Since we tend to find food more pleasurable when the noises made by what we eat are amplified, accentuating the crunch of a Pink Lady® apple by chewing with your mouth open helps derive as much enjoyment out of each mouthful as possible. Chewing open-mouthed also helps release more of the volatile organic compounds in an apple, which make up the characteristic aromas of food, contributing to our sense of smell and the overall perception of juiciness.

  • Ditch your manners and embrace chewing with your mouth open
  • Listen to the sound of the crisp crunch with each and every bite
  • Feel the juices and flavours released in your mouth as you chew

5. Take notice of the smell of your apple when eating it

The way food smells is often one of the first things we notice before eating it, and we all know that smell can influence how appetising something appears to us, but did you know that between 75% and 95% of what we think we taste when we eat is actually delivered by our sense of smell? Simply by smelling a Pink Lady® apple, your brain perceives its complex flavour profile before you’ve even taken the first bite, while odours are released and pumped back out of the nose when we chew and swallow. So next time you enjoy a Pink Lady® apple…

  • Hold your apple in your hand
  • Inhale the sweet scent of your juicy snack before you take a bite
  • Savour the aromas as you chew your Pink Lady® apple and delight in the delicious flavours released