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Ever wondered why crisps come in noisy bags? Why fish and chips taste better at the seaside? Or how much the crisp crunch of a Pink Lady® apple contributes to your enjoyment of eating it?

We’ve teamed up with leading gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University to decode the science of Sensploration: how all of our senses are intricately linked and impact each and every eating experience, often in rather unexpected ways.

Professor Charles Spence has worked with Heston Blumenthal on his famous gastronomic experiences at Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck and this summer he will be revealing how the science of Sensploration can make eating a Pink Lady® apple even more WOW. And for your chance to win a WOW picnic blanket check out our competition Sensploration prizes to be won

When it comes to deciding where to sit and savour a Pink Lady® apple, research has proven that not all settings were created equal. The science of Sensploration reveals that we enjoy our food more when we eat it outdoors. Soak in the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the great outdoors for maximum enjoyment: feel a warm breeze on your skin, listen to birdsong and swaying trees, smell the freshly cut grass and savour the sophisticated combination of flavours of a Pink Lady® apple.

Listen up: sound is an often-neglected sense when it comes to the world of food. Did you know that we naturally have a preference for noisy foods? Noisy foods help draw our attention to the sensations in our mouth, heightening satisfaction of the food that we’re eating. Proof that the satisfyingly noisy crunch that’s unique to a Pink Lady® apple is part of the reason they taste so good!

It has long been suggested that we eat first with our eyes, with colour playing a vital role. Interestingly, the distinctive rosy colour of a Pink Lady® apple turns out to be one of the sweetest colours. That means that simply by looking at a Pink Lady® apple, your brain is perceiving its delicious sweetness even before you’ve taken the first bite.

Research has shown that even just thinking about naturally sweet fruit can make us that little bit happier… so why not try out the science of Sensploration for yourself?

Watch Professor Charles Spence share more fascinating insights, and Discover Sensploration today!