What is Snackisfaction?®

What is Snackisfaction

The pick-me-up, the little lift, that bit of a boost you feel after a satisfying snack – that’s Snackisfaction®. And with a Pink Lady® apple, it comes guaranteed every time.

Snackisfaction® tastes great, feels great and more than scratches the itch of that mid-morning, or afternoon, lull. More importantly it’s free from that dreaded, rubbishy guilt that some snacks leave you with. No glum, all yum.

Experience the great feeling you get when you bite into a Pink Lady® apple when you watch our video below!

Brain snacks

Get your snack on

Fancy some fun? Pink Lady® are here to perk up more than just your palate. Dive in and enjoy our selection of brilliant brain snacks that’ll get you into the samba spirit. There’s plenty more this way.

The science behind Snackisfaction®?

You don’t just have to take our word for it. We’ve had Pink Lady® apples superior Snackisfaction® scientifically verified by some people in some seriously snazzy white coats.

The science behind Snackisfaction

Find out all about how we proved ourselves against chocolate, crisps and all sorts of other snacks, right here.

Pink Lady Core

The science behind Snackisfaction
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