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Category: Mains

Persian Jewelled Rice with Pan-Seared Pomegranate Duck and Apple

Deceptively impressive-looking and jam-packed with goodness, this sustaining rice dish gives you super-fuel!

Category: Snacks

Cheese, Beetroot and Apple Ploughman's

A classic given a make-over with the added delight of a Pink Lady® apple.

Category: Snacks

Apple and Sausage Filo Rolls

A perfect picnic or lunchbox filler, these are a great alternative to a sandwich.

Category: Dessert

Apple Easter Nest Cakes

These healthier versions of Easter Nest Cakes are great fun for little ones to make at Easter. Slices...

Category: Breakfast

French Crêpes with Apple

A Pink Lady® apple twist on the classic crêpe suzette recipe.

Category: Mains

Apple, Chicory and Pecan Salad

A crunchy, crisp salad that's ever so moreish.

Category: Snacks

Apple Flapjack

Apple flapjacks are easy to make and seriously tasty to eat. Whether you’re enjoying them as a filling...

Category: Mains

Pot-Roasted Chicken with Apple

The cider in this recipe really comes together with the Pink Lady® apples to bring an edge to...

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