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Category: Drinks

Mulled Apple Juice with Pink Lady® Pomander

A truly warming winter tipple, this mulled apple juice is best served in front of a warm fire...

Category: Mains

Pork, Ginger and Pink Lady® Dumplings

This Chinese classic is great for preparing in advance and steaming just before serving to dinner guests.

Category: Drinks

Pink Lady® Mojito

This modern twist on the popular Mojito is sure to go down a treat at any party and...

Category: Dessert

Apple and Elderflower Jellies

A classic British pudding with added Pink Lady® apple crunch.

Category: Drinks

Pink Lady® Collins

This quick and easy variation on the classic Tom Collins is the perfect party drink for gin lovers...

Category: Dessert

Pink Lady® Apple Purée with Elderflower and Raspberry

This purée is great for bakers – use it as a vibrant filling for a classic Victoria sponge...

Category: Dessert

Apple Galette

A delightful take on this French favourite.

Category: Dessert

Apple and Blackberry Brown Sugar Pavlova

The fresh tartness of our apples cuts nicely through the sweetness of the meringue in this decadent dessert.

Category: Snacks

Pink Lady® Peanut Butter and Rosemary Croissants

Apple slices dunked in peanut butter is a classic snack we all know and love. For a grown-up...

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