The Scale of Snackisfaction®

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Our research into snacking habits showed that many people don’t get the best from their snack break. We were keen to discover which snack offered the best combination of sensory and emotional satisfaction. Taking into account overall liking and overall satisfaction Leatherhead Food Research created a Scale of Snackisfaction® to rank common snack choices from snackisfying to unsnackisfactory.


The Snackisfaction® rating combines how a snack appeals to our senses with how it makes us feel when we eat it. There was a choice of 30 positive and negative emotions and sensory cues applied to six popular snack choices; Pink Lady® apple, milk chocolate, salted crisps, unsalted nuts, carrot and celery sticks and shortbread biscuits.

Interestingly many of us feel guilty, bored and uninspired by our regular snack options with almost half of the people who snacked on crisps and shortbread biscuits saying they felt guilty about it.

Over half (52%) of chocolate snackers also said they felt guilty about their snack with only 49% pleased about their choice and 51% satisfied by their milk chocolate choice. However, Pink Lady® apples were associated with emotions such as pleased, active and energetic.

The results showed that the most refreshing and invigorating snacks were Pink Lady® apples and in second place, carrot and celery sticks. The three happiest snacks were milk chocolate, salted crisps and once again Pink Lady® apples.

The title of ‘nicest looking’ snack was awarded to Pink Lady® apples, with 60% of consumers voting for the refreshing snack, followed by shortbread in second place and milk chocolate in third place.

Of all six snacks tested Pink Lady® apples were voted just as tasty, if not more so than the other snacks which means a Pink Lady® apple offers the most overall  Snackisfaction® thanks to its unique combination of feel good qualities, sensory appeal and snack satisfaction.

Three steps to total Snackisfaction®:

  • Whatever snack you choose be sure to take time to enjoy it fully. Be mindful of the sensory experience and enjoyment of the snack and don’t multi-task while you’re eating it.
  • Think about what snacks you enjoy happily and which ones make you feel guilty. Use the Scale of Snackisfaction® to pick out the feelings and experience you need for a snack boost today.

Don’t under estimate the power of your senses. The visual appeal and texture of a snack are as important as the number of calories and the flavour

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