Looking back over the Great Fruit Adventure

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This year, we were proud to support the Great Fruit Adventure, an initiative which saw Max MacGillivray and Gareth Jones travel 18,000 kilometres through 15 countries to experience life on fresh produce farms throughout Africa.

Their adventure spanned from their departure from New Spitalfields Market in London on November 8th 2016 to Cape Town in South Africa on the 1st February. We caught up with Max to look back over his amazing journey now that his trip is complete.

“We visited approximately 48 fresh produce growers and businesses, as well as more than 25 schools over the course of our trip. Our aim was to see where some of the world’s best fresh produce is grown, which included several Pink Lady® orchards in South Africa. It was amazing to see how baby Pink Lady® apple trees are cultivated and grown!

“The obesity crisis in our country is never far from the news, and this is what sparked the idea for the Great Fruit Adventure. We saw a simple solution in fresh produce: if you get children excited about where great fresh produce comes from, they will develop a new attitude to healthy eating. We honed in on South Africa as this is where we saw the greatest fresh produce being grown.

“A definite highlight was the series of school presentations that we did to over 5,000 children across Africa. We were met with such a warm welcome – we ended up dancing in Ghana, having a football game in Kenya and making bread in South Africa – there was never a dull moment!”

Now that they have returned, the Great Fruit Adventure team will visit schools and colleges and attend events across the country to tell their story and spread the word about their epic journey – and the journey that fruit and veg goes through every day to find its way on to our plates.

Find out more at www.thegreatfruitadventure.com

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