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Fashion has witnessed the rise of pink this year, from blissful blush tones to subtle nude shades. Pink officially landed on the catwalk in spring/summer 2016, and the rosy fashion palette shows no signs of disappearing as we progress into autumn/winter.

With pink dominating the runway at Gucci, Valentino and Prada, it looks like fashion will continue to embrace the power of pink, bringing a welcome shot of colour to our wardrobes in the cooler months. Opt for blush rose or bright magenta to be on trend this season.

Obviously, at Pink Lady® we’re already big fans of pink in all its variety and we love it when see people owning the colour and making it part of their look whatever their age and gender.

Representing romance, sweetness and femininity, pink is universally perceived as a warm, nurturing colour. Colour psychology expert Karen Haller says: “Pale pinks reconnect us to our softer side. This hue positively communicates warmth, caring, nurturing and compassion. It’s wonderful to see so many tones of pink on trend this season and so many people reconnecting with pink and embracing the colour and its power to create positivity.”

What could be more luxurious on a dark winter’s morning than a cosy pink cashmere scarf or a blush-coloured blouse to soften up those denim, wool and leather pieces? Karen suggests: “As the cooler weather arrives we turn to our winter wardrobes to keep us cosy, but pink is still a great choice alongside all those winter greys, neutrals and navy. Just think of the boost you get from a winter sunset or the vibrant pink of acer and cherry leaves in autumn. Take inspiration from nature and allow a flash of pink to lift your mood. With its positive nurturing qualities wearing pink is like being wrapped up in one huge warm cuddle.”

Elle and Vogue offer their advice to pull off this emerging trend, encouraging as much pink as possible, with single colour looks being hot at the moment. Be bold, be daring and get ready to showcase a perfectly pink ensemble.

Here’s a little help from us:

For those who love pretty pastels and subtle shades, begin with the delicate tones of apple blossom. Use the soft pinks to create a cool and gentle energy in your wardrobe. Team with dark shades to soften an edgy ensemble or be bold and run the candyfloss theme throughout your entire outfit.

Pink clothing flat-lay

For those who prefer warming blush tones, look towards the pinks of a Pink Lady® apple for inspiration. Great for warm skin tones, this grown-up shade steers away from the idea of young girls playing dress-up and works to create a stylish silhouette of deep pinks. Team with ivory, white or rose gold to create a timeless look.

Alternatively, go bold and incorporate the vibrant pink of the Pink Lady® sticker into your outfits. Inject the bright shades of magenta and fuchsia into your accessories or add a bold staple piece such as a coat to your everyday basics. Teaming this shade with black makes for a wearable take on this bright hue: throw on a black leather biker jacket or your favourite black tote bag. If you’re feeling daring, team fuchsia with bold red or orange for an attention-grabbing ensemble.

Stay on trend and make a statement: if you’re going to do something you might as well do it right with a little inspiration from Pink Lady®. After all, we’ve been rocking the power of pink for as long as we can remember!

How will you showcase your shade? Share your images with us on Instagram @pinkladyappleuk

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