A Beginner's Guide to Star-Gazing 

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Whether you’re a keen astronomer or have always fancied a spot of amateur star-gazing, everyone could use some direction and guidance when it comes to finding your place in the universe.

We have teamed up with the UK’s leading astronomers from the Royal Observatory Greenwich to offer some top tips and handy hints to help you on your voyage of intergalactic discovery.

Top tips for star-gazing


  • Get up high - for city dwellers, its’s important to star-search from a higher altitude so as not to let the light cloud pollution affect your vision. The Greenwich Meridian Line is the perfect spot, boasting beautiful views over London and plenty of places to get yourself a hot drink
  • Adapt your eyes – when star-gazing and looking at other faint objects such as nebulae, the Milky Way and other galaxies, it is important to allow your eyes to adapt to the dark so that you achieve night vision.
  • Protect your eyes - always allow 15 minutes for your eyes to become sensitive in the dark and try not to glance at brighter objects, such as a phone screen. If you are using a star app on your phone, switch to red night vision mode.
  • Use the right equipment – most amateur star-gazers will need to start out with a trusty pair of binoculars or, for the more advanced, a telescope. Don’t forget a comfy seat



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