Jamie's Pink Lady® Marathon Story

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Sunday 24th April is fast approaching and football coach, Jamie Dow, from Edinburgh is preparing to take on the challenge of running the London Marathon dressed as a Pink Lady® apple to raise money for Stroke Association. Despite experiencing Hydrocephalus Spina Bifida, Jamie already has two marathons and three half marathons under his belt alongside numerous 10k runs and can’t wait to add to his race list.

In the past, Jamie held back from partaking in some sports, but is now grateful to his brother-in-law for introducing him to running six years ago, he says: “I have all my faculties and can walk and talk like everyone else.  I was never prevented from taking part in activities for physical reasons, I just I didn't think I could.”

Jamie jumping over a hurdle

Jamie’s wife informed him that Pink lady® was looking for someone to run on behalf of Stroke and he jumped at the chance. “Stroke has affected both of our families in one way or another, my wife lost her Grandad at a young age due to a massive stroke and my Grandad has been having mini strokes over the years, affecting his memory and cognitive thinking. I then saw the outfit and knew this part was made for me, I'm the man who did the Edinburgh walk dressed as a Smurf (may I add it was freezing and I went topless!). Plus, my wife and I are the type of couple who think everything funny needs to be tried. What a way to stand out for Stroke - dressed as a huge apple!”

Jamie dressed as a smurf

“Every time I run a marathon it doesn't hit me until practically the last minute that I should be training, luckily I run anyway so already have a good overall fitness. The bonus this time is... I'm an apple! I can't run 26 miles at full speed in that costume, so instead will dance, skip and hop down the route whilst high fiving people! I am aiming to do it in less than five hours though.”

Jamie is hoping to start fundraising within the football community and has a Just Giving page which can be found here. We’re sure that with Jamie’s enthusiasm for running in the Pink Lady® costume he has all the motivation he needs to cross that finish line on the ‘big day’!


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