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Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® Spiced Apple Porridge

There’s nothing better on a cold morning than a warming bowl of porridge, and this one only takes...

Category: Breakfast

Loaded toast with Pink Lady® apples and peanut butter

Many of us fall into the habit of grabbing a piece of toast spread with uninspiring options like...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® apple smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are a wonderful way to make your breakfast more interesting and nutritious. A healthy alternative to...

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® Apple Pie Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

This vegan-friendly breakfast bowl combines the goodness of oats, seeds and Pink Lady® apples for a delicious and...

Category: Snacks

Crunchy Granola Applewiches

Pink Lady® has teamed up with food blogger “Food to Glow” to create this recipe for bite-sized applewiches...

Category: Sides

Carpaccio with Chilli, Lime Syrup and Fresh Mint

A super healthy and light salad, great on a hot summer’s day.

Category: Drinks

Beetroot, Apple and Grapefruit Juice

The perfect get-up-and-go drink is healthy and full of flavour!

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