Apple Easter Nest Cakes

Apple Easter Nest Cakes

These healthier versions of Easter Nest Cakes are great fun for little ones to make at Easter. Slices of Pink Lady® apples are used as a base instead of cupcakes. You’ll need an adult to slice the Pink Lady® apples.

Full preparation

  1. Ask an adult to core the Pink Lady® apples and slice the top and bottom off the apples then slice the rest into 1cm thick slices. You can eat the top and bottom off cuts with any left over Easter nest mixture.

  2. Ask an adult to melt the chocolate and golden syrup together over a pan of hot water (not boiling) or microwave on the DEFROST setting in 30 second bursts. Stir to mix.

  3. Break up the shredded wheat with your fingers until they are in little bits; make sure there are no lumps. Add to the melted chocolate mixture and stir well to mix until all the shredded wheat is covered in chocolate.

  4. Pile a tablespoon of chocolate mixture onto each Pink Lady® apple slice, don’t worry about the hole where the core was, the chocolate mix will set over it. Flatten slightly leaving a little of the edge of the Pink Lady® apple showing and finish with a few mini chocolate Easter eggs.

  5. Allow to set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

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