Three New Recipes from Juliet Sear

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There are endless ways to incorporate Pink Lady® apples into your baking and we’ve got three brand new and exclusive Juliet Sear recipes for you to try.

Juliet Sear Recipes

Juliet Sear is a best-selling author and baking expert who has put together these three great tasting recipes for us. Each recipe showcases Pink Lady® apples in a different way, so no matter what mood you’re in or what occasion you’re baking for, one of these recipes really will fit the bill.

Pink Lady® Apple Blossom Loaf Cake

apple loaf cake with apple blossoms and icing

This recipe really is a showstopper that you can pull out when you’re looking to impress your guests. And what makes this even better is the fact that there’s nothing particularly tricky about it! But the addition of apple blossoms really gives this delicious loaf cake a picture perfect presentation. And that’ll mean it’ll be all over Instagram before anyone’s even had a bite.

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Pink Lady® Apple and Caramel Lattice Pie

apple and caramel lattice pie

If you’re looking for something a little bit more unctuous and warming, this Apple and Caramel Lattice Pie is just perfect. Served piping hot with a spoonful of ice cream, this dessert couldn’t really get any better.

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Pink Lady® Apple and Custard Cupcakes

apple and custard cupcakes with buttercream pictured with flowers

At Pink Lady®, we know that not all apples are created equally. So it comes as no surprise to us that not all cupcakes are created equally either. When you’re lucky enough to have cupcakes filled with a delicious Pink Lady® apple compote, topped with buttercream icing and finished with thin slices of blushing Pink Lady® apples, you know you’ve got your hands on some of the best cupcakes going.

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