The perfect pick-me-up! Pink Lady® apple snacks and treats

Need some healthy snack ideas for mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or...well, anytime? It’s tempting to reach for salt- and sugar-loaded nibbles, but these healthy homemade snacks with naturally sweet Pink Lady® apples are the perfect alternative. With fuelling juices, dips ‘n’ bits, savoury picnic bites, healthy apple snacks and sweet treats, there’s a sensational Pink Lady® fruit snack recipe for all seasons!

Pink Lady® Apple, Beetroot and Ginger Juice

Kick start your day with a fresh juice! This recipe, developed by food blogger Rawberry Fields, combines earthy beetroot with sweet Pink Lady® apple and is finished off with an extra kick from ginger and lemon juice. Delicious!
  • 10 minutes to prepare

  • 0 minutes to cook

  • Serves Makes half a litre

Spicy Pink Lady® Apple Crisps with Goats Cheese Dip

This delicious savoury snacking recipe has been developed by food blogger Cate in the Kitchen.    Get a delicious sweet chilli kick from the apple crisps, and a creamy, cooling flavour from the dip. The perfect flavour combination!
  • 10 minutes to prepare

  • 35 minutes to cook

  • Serves 4 people

Apple-Pie Marshmallows recipe 

A super snack because it tastes just like apple pie but is actually fat-free.
  • 20 mins to prepare

  • 10 mins to cook, plus several hours to set to cook

  • Serves 36 large squares

Apple Oaty Crumble Muffins Recipe

Packed with bran and chunks of Pink Lady®, it's like apple crumble in cake-form.  
  • 20 mins to prepare

  • 20 mins to cook

  • Serves 12

Crunchy Granola Applewiches Recipe

 Pink Lady® has teamed up with food blogger “Food to Glow” to create this recipe for bite-sized applewiches. Try it as a mid-afternoon snack or get the kids to help you spread the peanut butter and sprinkle the granola for a fun activity in the kitchen. You can also freeze the finished applewiches to take to work or school. Healthy and delicious...
  • 15 minutes to prepare

  • 0 to cook

  • Serves 6

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