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We are back with some new additions to our Pink Lady® Core series of easy yet effective workout moves to help strengthen those all-important core muscles in the comfort of your own home..

Hooping is great fun as well as great for the core – whether you do it out in the garden, in the house, while watching TV or listening to the radio, it’s a great way to get a fun 15-minute workout.


Ensure you choose a hoop that reaches your waist or chest when you stand it on its side.

The larger your hoop is the slower it spins which makes a larger one ideal for a beginner, as you have more time to sync your body to the rhythm of the hoop.

Step inside your hoop with your hands a comfortable distance apart.

Bring your hoop to your waist and adopt a split stance with one foot in front of the other.

Woman with hoop around her waist

Place the hoop against one side of your torso.

Spin the hoop anti–clockwise if your right foot is forwards, and clockwise if you have your left foot forwards.

Woman with hoop around her waist

Start to move your waist in a circular motion to keep the hoop spinning. When the hoop moves across your stomach push the hoop forwards and as it moves across your back push the hoop back

Woman with hoop around her waist

Things to look out for...

Wherever the hoop is on your body is the part of your body that needs to be moving to keep the hoop spinning. If there is too much movement in your hips and knees the hoop will be drawn down to that area.

If the hoop is dropping tuck your tail under and push your front hip into the hoop.

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