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Pink Lady® is giving you and a friend the opportunity to win one of our fantastic experiences. We want to offer more people a perfect Pink Lady® moment and make it possible for people to escape from the pressure and stresses of modern life and take time to learn a new skill or try something different.

To help us pick our winners we’ve enlisted the help of Professor Janet Reibstein, a specialist in couples and families teaching at the University of Exeter, who is one of the judges on our Pink Lady® Makes it Possible panel.

Formerly Affiliated Lecturer in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge where she was also Psychological Consultant to Kings College in Cambridge, she is also a psychologist/psychotherapist and a broadcaster and author. Her books include The Best Kept Secret (2007, Bloomsbury); Staying Alive (2003); The Family Through Divorce (with Roger Bamber; 1997, Thorsons); Love Life (1997); and Sexual Arrangements: Marriage and Affairs (with Martin Richards, 1992).

Janet’s award-winning five-part documentary series, Love Life on Channel 4 was based on her clinical work and research. In 2009 and 2010 Janet also presented on BBC Radio 4 ‘Together Against the Odds’ - a series of interviews highlighting factors involved in resilience and relationship success.

To enter just tell us why, in under 300 words, you need to experience a perfect Pink Lady® moment. Janet and rest of the Pink Lady® Makes it Possible judges are looking forward to reviewing the entries!

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