How to make a beautiful Pink Lady® birthday cake

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The simple design of a naked birthday cake adorned with candles, flowers and Pink Lady® crisps is sure to delight the birthday girl or boy on their special day.

What you’ll need:

- Victoria sponge cake – three layers (we like this recipe)

- Whipped double cream

- Pink Lady® apple purée with elderflower and raspberry (find the recipe here)

- Cake stand

- Long candles (we used these)

- Large blooms for decoration: we used ranunculus but you could use roses, anemones, nasturtiums or marigolds

- Small blooms for decoration: we used wax flower and forget-me-nots. Gypsophila, September flower or lavender would also be good

- Pink Lady® apple crisps, for decoration (recipe here)


Step 1:

Place the first Victoria sponge cake on your cake stand and cover the top with a layer of whipped cream.

Tip: place a small amount of purée on the underside of the sponge base in the centre to prevent it from moving on the cake stand when decorating.

Step 2:

Add a generous dollop of Pink Lady® apple purée and gently spread over the top of the cream leaving space at the edges to prevent the filling spilling out of the cake once assembled.

Step 3:

Place the second sponge cake on top of the purée and repeat the cream and purée layering. Then place the final sponge gently on top and dust with icing sugar.

Step 4:

Firmly press your extra-long candles into the centre of the cake. Remember to place the candles relatively close together in a circle in order to allow room for the flowers and other decorations.

Step 5:

Finally, start assembling the large roses to cover the stems of the candles and place a couple of dried Pink Lady® crisps on the cake. Then use the additional foliage to fill in the spaces between the roses, then add in small flowers above the foliage to add height and colour to the decoration. Finish by adding small flowers and foliage to the side of the plate.

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