Homemade Christmas Hampers

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We are officially in advent and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Although the time will pass quickly, you needn’t let the pressure get the better of you. Don’t make the mistake of panic buying gifts that your friends and family wont even like. If you’re struggling for ideas, then nothing says Happy Christmas more than a homemade hamper full of d…

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A Pink Lady® Adventure to Remember

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Pink Lady® recently caught up with Liz Bennett, winner of our Good Apples for Good Apples competition. Liz won the amazing prize of a trip to Avignon to visit our delightful Pink Lady® apple orchards. Liz, won the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit a Pink Lady® orchard, picked her own apples and witnessed first-hand, how our unmistakeable apples ar…

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Pink Lady® Core series 6 - knee pain

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In our current Pink Lady® Core series, Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer, Jane Linden-Brown, is demonstrating how to combat those everyday strains we put on our body. Having revealed functional fitness exercises that will help those suffering from back strain, Jane is now showing us exercises that will help to combat knee pain trigg…

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Pink Lady® Core series 6 - back strain from lifting heavy objects

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In this final instalment of Pink Lady® Core series 6, Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer, Jane Linden-Brown, demonstrates functional fitness exercises to combat back strain that occurs when lifting heavy objects.Why functional fitness? We often think of strength in terms of bulging muscles and lifting large weights, so it’s easy to a…

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Apples - The Christmas Cooking Staple

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Pink Lady® Apple and Mincemeat Tarts - stars 2.jpg
The festive season is fast approaching and along with it comes a shift in the flavours and smells on menus and in recipe books nationwide. Many of the savoury favourites make way for sweet and spicy classics that are synonymous with Christmas; Christmas cakes, Christmas biscuits, Christmas puddings and mince pies are never far away throughout Decem…

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