Pink Lady® Easter Apple Bunnies

Pink Lady® Easter Apple Bunnies

We’ve got a simple 15min recipe that helps you create cute and yummy Easter apple bunnies.

Full preparation

  1. Put the chocolate spread into a small freezer bag and cut off a tiny piece of the bag at one of the corners to create a piping bag.

  2. Create the bunny faces on 4 of the apples. Using the chocolate spread as ‘glue’, stick 2 sugar-coated chocolate sweets on each apple for the eyes and a jelly sweet for the nose. Add a dot of chocolate spread to the centre of each eye if you like, to create pupils.

  3. Draw on whiskers around the nose using the royal icing.

  4. Draw on a mouth using the chocolate spread.

  5. Use the chocolate spread to stick on the mini marshmallows for the teeth.

  6. Stick half a large marshmallow onto a halved cocktail stick and attach to the back of the apple for a tail.

  7. Cut 8 wedges from the remaining apple and brush with lemon juice (to prevent browning). Decorate each wedge with royal icing and sprinkles then stick a halved cocktail stick into the bottom of each. Leave to set in the fridge.

  8. Attach 2 apple wedges to the top of each apple for ears and enjoy!

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