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Category: Mains

Chicken and Apple Salad

Add a tasty twist to a traditional chicken salad by topping with slices of delicious griddled Pink Lady®...

Category: Mains

Chilean Spicy Apple Rice Salad

An exotic and deliciously different meal for a lighter supper.

Category: Snacks

Honey-Dried Apple Crisps

Moreish crisps that you don't feel guilty about indulging in.

Category: Dessert

Christmas Mince Pies

Make some extra special Pink Lady® apple Christmas mince pies this year. A Christmassy treat dialled up to...

Category: Snacks

Pink Lady® Apple, Chocolate and Orange Zest Hot Cross Buns

Nothing says Easter like hot cross buns, and this recipe is guaranteed to please with a delectable combination...

Category: Breakfast

Apple Porridge with Pecans and Cinnamon

A hearty, healthy breakfast that'll keep you going on a busy day.

Category: Mains

Apple and Black Onion Seed Salad with Piri-Piri Pork

A nice hint of heat with piri-piri is cooled by the refreshing tang of Pink Lady® apple.

Category: Breakfast

Pink Lady® Apple Bircher Muesli

This delicious fresh breakfast can be eaten straight away or made and soaked overnight for an even creamier...

Category: Breakfast

Pain Perdu with Caramelised Apple Wedges, Plums and Walnuts

A wonderfully decadent breakfast or brunch dish, pain perdu means "lost bread" and can be made using any...

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