Apple Pancakes for Pancake Day

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Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes. With just a few simple ingredients you can enjoy a perfectly delicate thin crêpe, a rustic style blini or a light and fluffy scotch pancake.

With so much variety, it’s a wonder why we only celebrate one Pancake Day a year. And that’s before we even start thinking about the toppings.

When is Pancake Day in 2021?

In 2021, pancake day is on the 16th February. Make sure you're stocked up on all the ingredients you'll need.

Our Favourite Recipes

Here’s a few different recipes for you to try, with a selection of toppings and pancake styles to keep you coming back for more.

Category: Breakfast

French Crêpes with Apple

A Pink Lady® apple twist on the classic crêpe suzette recipe.

Category: Breakfast

Vegan Pink Lady® apple and maple syrup crêpes

If you are looking to create a bountiful breakfast, these vegan Pink Lady® apple and maple syrup crêpes...

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Ricotta and Cinnamon Pancakes with Griddled Pink Lady® Apples

Treat yourself to a breakfast of champions with this delicious ricotta and apple pancake recipe flavoured with cinnamon...

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Light and Fluffy Pink Lady® Apple Pancakes

On Pancake Day (or any day), experiment with new flavour toppings like Pink Lady® apples with caramel sauce...

How to Make Apple Pancakes?

There’s all kinds of ways you can make apple pancakes. You can add cooked, blended, shredded or even just raw slices of apples to your pancakes, depending on what mood you’re in. Or try following the recipes in any of the examples we've provided in this article.

Sweet or Savoury Pancakes?

Your choice for pancake toppings really are endless. So, before we even start the debate about what’s best, you need to consider whether you’ll be making savoury or sweet pancakes.

As a general rule of thumb, sweet pancakes are made with wheat flour, whereas savoury pancakes will be made from a different flour, such as buckwheat as in this recipe from Tenderstem®.

But for us, the choice is an easy one. Nothing really beats adding the sweetness of Pink Lady® apples to a pancake in one form or another.

What Types of Pancakes Are There?

A cursory glance at Wikipedia will tell you that there really are too many varieties of pancakes to mention. It would seem almost every food culture around the world has its own version of pancakes. And why not? A delicious and easy to cook light batter that can be ready to eat in minutes. It’s no wonder they’re a favourite across the world.


Perhaps the most common form of pancake you’re likely to see in the UK is in the style of the traditional French crêpe. Crêpes are very thin pancakes and often served with a variety of toppings from sweet to savoury.

Depending on where you are in the world, there will be variations in how they’re cooked or toppings served. For example, a common English topping might be lemon juice and sugar, whereas in Sweden, you’re more likely to see a lingonberry jam.

Scotch Pancakes

Scotch pancakes are very different from crêpes and typically use a raising agent such as bicarbonate of soda or baking powder to create a thicker pancake. In Scotland, they are also known as drop scones and are typically served with jam, cream, syrup or butter.

American Pancakes

American pancakes are not too dissimilar from Scotch pancakes. Typically made with buttermilk and topped with maple syrup and bacon in true American style, these pancakes are normally the ones you’ll find on breakfast and brunch menus whenever you eat out.


In the UK, blinis are small and typically savoury pancakes made with a leavened batter to ensure they’ll rise. But there’s also Russian recipes for Blinis that are more crêpe like in form, so make sure you know exactly what recipe you’re following!

There’s plenty more types of pancakes out there, but these are the most common ones that you’re likely to find in the UK.

Breakfast or Dinner?

When Pancake Day comes round, do you have yours for breakfast or dinner? It turns out, this can be quite a debate. And it often determines what type of pancakes and toppings you’ll choose to have. A nice thick scotch pancake in the morning with fresh fruit or an endless supply of crêpes in the evening?

To be honest, some of our Pink Lady® apple pancake recipes are so good, you might find yourself wanting to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What Are the Best Pancake Toppings?

There are some classic toppings that you’ll know and love. Your favourite syrup sauce or simply a drizzle of fresh lemon on a sugared crêpe can be delicious enough. But then there’s so many flavour combinations out there for you to try. It goes without saying that we think pancakes topped with sliced apples are amongst some of the best.