How to make a Mother’s Day posy

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about that perfect present for mum. Flowers are always a great choice, so why not take this opportunity to get creative and make your own arrangement to make Mother’s Day extra special.

This pretty posy is made using supermarket flowers and foliage from the garden, combining lovely, natural greens and a range of pink tones, taking inspiration from the beautiful blushes of a Pink Lady® apple.  

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Raffia or string
  • Tissue paper
  • A gift tag
  • Sturdy scissors or secateurs
  • Four or five bunches of supermarket flowers (roses, tulips etc.)
  • Foliage from the garden in a selection of textures (eucalyptus, herbs etc.)


Step 1

Select four or five bunches of flowers from your local supermarkets, be sure to shop around and get a mix of traditional and more unusual flowers, such as ranunculus or anemones, which will add impact among flowers such as roses and spring tulips.

Top tip: Lots of supermarkets offer promotions on tulips and roses which are great to take advantage of.


Step 2

Forage in your garden for foliage to introduce to your posy, such as sprigs of eucalyptus, viburnum and various herbs - they bring beautiful scents and additional interest to the bouquet at no extra cost.


Step 3

Take your flowers and neaten up each stem by stripping back any unwanted leaves and ensure you cut the bottom of the stem diagonally to aid water flow.


Step 4

To begin creating your hand tied arrangement, take each stem in one hand and building the posy in the other, gradually slotting and crossing over stems and foliage to create your arrangement. When crossing over stems, continually rotate the posy to ensure it’s looking full on all sides.

Top tip: odd numbers tend to look better in an arrangement, so try and work in threes to make your posy look organic and natural.


Step 5

When you are happy with your arrangement, use raffia or string and tightly wrap around your stems until secure, replacing the area where your hand is holding the posy.

Once this step is complete, trim the bottom of the stems to the same length to neaten the ends.


Step 6

Take a sheet of tissue paper and fold into a square and then in half to form a triangle.


Step 7

Lay the posy in the tissue paper with the point of the triangle positioned upwards.


Step 8

Bring the corners of the paper over the bottom of posy and secure in a bow.


Step 9

Add a gift tag and ribbon to finish of the floral arrangement.



This posy was created for Pink Lady® by Rock My Style 

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