#PinkLadyIndoorPursuits | Pink Lady® Core: Stretch and strengthen hips and glutes

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If you’re missing your regular classes or starting to feel aches and pains from too much sitting down at home during social distancing, Pink Lady® has teamed up with Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer, Jane Linden-Brown, to create a series of new videos specially designed to keep our bodies strong and supple, even if we can’t get outside as much as we’d like.

In this new Pink Lady® Core at Home series, Jane has created three mini programmes you can do in less than 20 minutes. Each one is designed to release, mobilise and activate a key muscle group.

In this video Jane shows you how to stretch and open your hips and strengthen your glutes with exercises including targeted stretches and mobility exercises for your hip flexors glutes and hamstrings, glute bridges and leg raises.