Introducing Pink Lady® Indoor Pursuits

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We’re excited to announce our latest campaign, #PinkLadyIndoorPursuits, bringing you activities to help spark joy and creativity at a time when many of us are spending more time at home.

With many people looking to take joy in a new task, skill or hobby, we have teamed up with some of our favourite influencers to talk us through their favourite hobby or expert subject.

Whether it’s learning how to get the best out of your houseplants, stretching your body with a Pilates routine, trying your hand at some fun nail art, getting inspired to pick up a new book from a review of the best uplifting reads or indulging in an at-home spa day, our Indoor Pursuits video series will help you along the way.

Join gardening expert Alice Vincent, aka Noughticulture, in our Hone Your Houseplants video. Alice talks through all the basics to help you achieve beautiful, flourishing houseplants: how to position them in the home as well as how to feed, water and clean them. Follow her tips to transform your home into a green oasis!

For those who want to exercise their artistic streak, take your nail art to the next level with Heart Zeena in our Apple Blossom Nail Art Tutorial video. Inspired by the apple blossom season currently happening in the Pink Lady® orchards in France, this simple how-to only requires a few colours of varnish, nail varnish remover and a hair grip or dotting tool.

Spending more time at home than usual can mean that we feel aches and pains from sitting down for long periods of time. If you’re in need of some movement, stretching and strengthening, we’ve teamed up with Jane Linden-Brown, Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer, to create a series of new videos designed to keep our bodies strong and supple. Our series of three videos covers strengthening the hips and glutes; mobilising and activating the shoulders; and mobilising the spine and strengthening abs.

Stay tuned on the Pink Lady® IGTV channel and our YouTube channel for more tutorials that will help you get creative, have some fun and try something new if you have spare time spent at home.