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Do you enjoy the sweet things in life? If so, you’re in good company according to our latest research, which has revealed that Brits are a sweet-toothed nation, with over half (54 percent) claiming they love a sugary snack over something savoury.

We know that the natural sweetness of our apples is one of the main qualities that fans love about them, but we wanted to find out just how sweet the nation’s sweet tooth is. And we wanted to know if people find it tricky to balance a love of sugary treats with the aim of making healthy choices.

Our research revealed that more than half of us (54 percent) would choose sweet snacks over salty. Chocolate biscuits were the number one sweet snack with 60% saying they reach for them when the sugar cravings hit. Other popular choices included Victoria sponge cake, custard creams and sticky toffee pudding.

Although 46% said they would opt for a savoury treat, our poll reveals that sweet definitely wins the day, as more than two thirds (67 percent) of Brits always opt for a sweet dessert over a cheese board in a restaurant.

But it’s not all sweetness and light – 55% of sweet-toothed Britons questioned said they know that too much added sugar is bad for them, but find it hard to resist, while a further 43 percent said they knew that sweet treats were unhealthy. In fact, 53 percent admit they struggle all the time not to give into their sugar cravings - with the average Brit having four cravings every day.

It’s no surprise to us here at Pink Lady® HQ that we’re a nation of sweet-toothed snackers, but it’s sad to think that so many people feel like they are constantly struggling not to give in to their cravings. Having a sweet tooth doesn’t need to be an unhealthy thing if you choose a healthy, naturally sweet snack like a piece of fruit.

We spoke to registered dietitian, Juliette Kellow, about why Pink Lady® apples are perfect for anyone craving a satisfying burst of sweetness.

She said: “Compared with many other sweet snacks, a Pink Lady® apple has fewer calories and is fat free. It’s also more satisfying to eat as it comes with the added benefit of fibre. The crunchy nature of apples also means they need a lot of chewing. Studies show this helps to slow down the speed we eat and improves satiety, that feeling of fullness after we’ve eaten. That’s important because the longer we feel fuller, the less likely we are to want to snack again.”

So, the next time you feel the strike of a sweet-tooth craving, why not reach for the crisp crunch of a Pink Lady® apple? If you’re in need of some inspiration on levelling up your snacking game with some delicious and healthy recipes, try our apple, oat and cinnamon energy balls recipe, cook up some honey-dried Pink Lady® apple crisps or snack happy on our Pink Lady® oaty bars.