The Great Fruit and Veg Adventure at CarFest South 2017

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This year at Pink Lady®, we were proud to be the main sponsor behind the Great Fruit and Veg Adventure, an initiative which saw Max MacGillivray and Gareth Jones travel 18,000 kilometres through 15 countries to experience life on fresh produce farms throughout Africa.

Now back on home soil, Max is continuing to share what he learnt on his epic adventure. On the last weekend in July, Max attended CarFest North in Bolesworth Estate, Cheshire, where he led a fantastic talk on the importance of fresh produce and of educating young people in the delights of fresh fruit and veg. From how to tackle obesity, encouraging education on fresh produce farming, to telling the journey of how fruit and veg ends up on your plate every day, The Great Fruit and Veg Adventure continues to enlighten and inspire.

If you missed out on CarFest North, fear not! Max will also be attending CarFest South in Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire, which takes place on August 25th – 27th. Max and his team will be delivering a presentation on both the Saturday and Sunday of the festival, to talk all things fresh produce, with a sprinkling of Pink Lady® too of course!

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