New Year's Eve Party Cocktails

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As the thoughts and fun of Christmas begin to fade, the clock is ticking to get yourself set and prepared to see out the past year and celebrate the coming of 2019. Across the country New Year’s Eve parties will be thrown in venues and homes, as we all have one last hurrah before the resolutions kick in and the annual health kick begins. If like many people you are hosting this year’s party, then you’ll probably be bulk buying the fizz for midnight; but for a change, why not see out the year in a different style and have yourself a cocktail night.

Cocktail making can be the perfect way to enjoy the New Year with your friends and family and is so varied, that it’s the perfect inclusive activity for you and your guests. The sheer volume of cocktails out there means that you should be able to cater to all tastes, including some fun, tasty non-alcholic drinks.

Here at Pink Lady®, we’ve been busy creating cocktail recipes to suit a variety of tastes, so you can serve them up at your party. Below are some of our favourites. Try whipping them up for your friends and family on December 31st:

Apple Dream

A trendy cocktail with a Celtic twist. The apple dream blends the spirit of the moment, gin, from Scottish producer Caourunn, with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, a splash of lemon juice, some muddled Pink Lady® apple and some fresh sprigs of thyme. Finish this fresh classic with some Crème de Mure blackberry liqueur and soda water. Pour over crushed ice and enjoy.


The appletini is a sophisticated and sweet cocktail with a sharp edge which can be easily tailored to your taste preferences. With vodka as its base, simply add some Pink Lady® juice (or juice one yourself), plus a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of caster sugar. Shake this with two ice cubes to chill. For that sophisticated touch, add a wafer thin slice of Pink Lady® and serve in a martini glass. Very 007.

Apple & Champagne Cocktail

Still want that fizz fix at New Year? This is the perfect cocktail for you! Simply get yourself a perfectly ripe Pink Lady® and juice it, or use 100ml of Pink Lady® apple juice. Add this to 75-100ml of champagne or sparkling white wine. This twist on the classic New Year fizz is super simple to make and tastes great for those who aren’t cocktail connoisseurs.

If you want to see some of the other cocktails and drinks that you can make for your party, check out our drinks section. Don’t forget, you can enjoy all these cocktails without the alcohol, simply replace the alcoholic liqueurs with cordials. Give them a try enjoy the fresh Pink Lady® flavour at your NYE party!