Pink Lady® Apple Monsters

Pink Lady® Apple Monsters

Scare your guests this Halloween, be like Frankenstein and create your own little edible monster.

Full preparation

  1. Cut a wedge out of each Pink Lady® apple to form the monster’s mouth. Brush the exposed apple flesh with lemon juice to stop it browning.

  2. Stick the flaked almonds into the edge of one of the cut sides of the mouth to form the teeth.

  3. Mix the icing sugar with just enough water to form a thick paste. Put a blob of the paste in each ‘mouth’ on the bottom side to the teeth. Top with a strawberry slice to form the tongue. The icing will hold the tongue in place.

  4. Blob some icing paste onto the backs of the white chocolate buttons and stick two onto each Pink Lady® apple above the mouth to form the eyes. Use the coloured icing to draw on pupils.

  5. Cut the lace sweets into smaller lengths and use the icing paste to stick them to the head of each Pink Lady® apple to form hair.

  6. Leave the Pink Lady® monsters in the fridge for the icing to firm up, then they’re ready to eat.

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