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With the weather turning colder, it’s time to bring indoors the herb planter you put together in the summer. The herbs planted back in the warmer weather can be used to make our delicious Christmas stuffing and stuffed apples recipes, but why not go a step further and use the herbs to create a beautifully aesthetic individual place setting and table centre piece?

You will need:

The herbs from your herb planter, pine cones, twigs, ribbon, Pink Lady® apple crisps, candles, Pink Lady® apples, anything else you fancy for an added touch of sparkle!

Pink Lady Christmas HR 8

1. Take your herb planter and place pine cones, twigs and seed heads from the garden to add height and festive interest to your planter.

2. Place the planter on the table, remembering to protect the table if the container has holes on the base. You could use waterproof tape and a sheet of plastic to cover the holes.

Pink Lady Christmas HR 111

3. Decorate around the herb planter at the centre of the table, using it as the focal point, with Pink Lady® apples for rosy festive colour, pine cones, candles and any other precious items that add texture and sparkle – anything festive and sparkly is ideal. Tip: Gently hang some miniature golden baubles amongst the greenery.

Pink Lady Christmas HR 181

4. To create individual place settings, pinch together a handful of your favourite herbs, twigs and Pink Lady® crisps, then tie carefully together with ribbon of your choice. You could also add name tags for a touch of personalisation.

Pink Lady Christmas HR 431

5. Place plates and cutlery down with place setting on top. Finish decorating your table with candlesticks.