Recreate the wow of outdoor swimming with Pink Lady®

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At Pink Lady®, we believe in celebrating ways to create a moment of wow and give ourselves a little lift each day – just like the experience of eating a Pink Lady® apple.

We are proud to have collaborated with Ella Foote of Dip Advisor, an outdoor swim guiding company, to share her passion for outdoor swimming with the Pink Lady® community and how her love of swimming gives her a moment of wow each day - from the sound of birdsong surrounding her as she swims to the feeling of the cold water on her skin. Though open water swimming may not be accessible to everyone and must be done with care, there’s plenty of ways to carve time out in your day that’s just for you and get that daily dose of ‘feel-good’ out of the water.

With proven benefits for mental health, outdoor swimming enables us to immerse ourselves in nature and provides a pause in the middle of our hectic day-to-day lives. Research shows that just being close to water, or ‘blue spaces’, improves our mental wellbeing. So, if you don’t fancy taking a dip, head for a walk or spend some time by your local river, canal or reservoir and enjoy the meditative sounds, sensations and feelings that come with being surrounded by water. It’s the perfect opportunity to escape, fostering a sense of joy and helping you to feel revitalised.

To get the benefits of cold water immersion without having to head outside, cold water showers are a great alternative for getting that high endorphin rush that comes with outdoor swimming. The minutes you spend focused on the feeling of the cold water on your body can act as a mindfulness practice, helping you stay in the moment – and the invigorating rush will leave you feeling fantastic all day.

Recreate the feeling of being immersed in nature by taking a woodland walk on a crisp winter’s day. Spending time in nature and away from the distractions of day-to-day life can help you gain a sense of peace and mindfulness, and any exposure to sunlight – even on slightly cloudier days – will help give you a serotonin boost during the winter. Best of all, when you come in from the cold, you can enjoy a hot drink and a comforting bowl of apple porridge to warm up.

Fancy taking the plunge and trying your hand at wild swimming yourself? Enter our competition to win a guided outdoor swim for you and five friends with Dip Advisor. You’ll be in safe hands with experienced outdoor swimmer and certified RLSS Open Water Lifeguard Ella, who’ll take you on a relaxed outdoor swim in a wild, beautiful open water location.