Pink Lady® competition winner to be pampered at 5-star spa

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To help spread the love for Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with Co-op to give one lucky Pink Lady® apple lover the chance to win a UK luxury spa break to Pennyhill Park hotel and spa.

Steve Scott, a Pink Lady® apple lover, noticed the competition featured on our monthly newsletter which he subscribes to. Steve has previously entered many competitions, however his last win was over a decade ago. Luckily for Steve, his luck changed when the offer of a spa break to the renowned Pennyhill Park hotel and spa in Surrey caught his eye.

In true Valentine’s spirit, Steve plans to take his wife of 37 years, Annette, to the weekend spa break to celebrate their anniversary at the end of the year.

Steve said: “I am so excited about winning such a great prize. We are looking forward to the whole Pennyhill Park trip! From enjoying spa access with pool side lunch to experiencing a Michelin-star restaurant and the wine pairings that mirror the Pink Lady® orchard regions. Pink Lady® has always been a favourite of mine, especially as part of a salad. Pink Lady® apples are great for encouraging the grandchildren to eat healthily and they’re easy to take to the park with us!”

We can’t wait to catch up with Steve when he returns from his 5-star spa break later this year.

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