Perfecting pink interiors with Pink Lady®

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Here at Pink Lady® HQ, we are interested in what makes our loyal fans feel amazing, and you told us home interiors were one of the things that bring you the most joy.

We wouldn’t be Pink Lady® without our warm, rosy blush. So, to help our fans think about how to inject the colour of the moment into their interiors, we teamed up with some of our favourite influencers to share their top tips on using the colour pink in the home as one of the most sought-after interior design trends.

Start small

Giving your home an interior overhaul can be quite daunting, so take small steps to inject a subtle pop of pink. Heart Zeena suggests bringing rosy tones into your living space through smaller items such as cushions and textiles or even ceramics and books.

Start by adding the odd pink ceramic pot to a shelf or pastel print to your wall, choosing tones which compliment your existing space. Delicately build by adding a throw or pink cushion to the sofa in the lounge, painting a small cupboard in the bathroom or bedroom and not to forget, placing a bowl of Pink Lady® apples on your coffee table.

Once confident with your interior changes, think big and go for that statement armchair or pink feature wall!

Pink for a harmonious home

To fashion a calming atmosphere, decorate your home with pink scented candles, ideal for the bedroom or other quiet spaces where you might choose to relax. As demonstrated by Ruth from Round at Number 51, dusky pink bedding creates an oasis of calm. She suggests the addition of trendy pink-tipped matches for your candle collection: a delightful dash of pink that costs only a couple of pounds. Alternatively, decorate your space with a display of pink books on a shelf or side table and add a pink decorative ornament on top of the stack to complete your display.

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Pastel perfection

If like Holly Vaughan, pink is your favourite colour, make the most of your favourite tone with a bold colour combo – for example, green and pink. By combining pastel pink kitchen tiles with a light green paint, Holly has created a colourful space that is muted and sophisticated. If you’re not feeling brave enough to commit to pink tiles, positioning bold green plants against a light pink feature wall is a great way to update your space without going overboard.

Sitting Room1
Upcycle and curate

A top tip from Pip’s Home which costs absolutely nothing – make use of things you already own. It’s surprising what pink things you’ll already own – and a simple styling session, bringing these pieces together, arranging them and finding a new room to display them in will breathe new life into your space. Pip also suggests an affordable way to introduce pink is to add seasonal foliage with pink undertones – the perfect finishing touch to your new pink set-up.

Make use of the light

To get rid of the gloom, make sure you are placing your pink ornaments and features in the lightest part of the room to get the full effect of any interior upgrade. Bright Mama has made the best of her bay windows by placing two large pink armchairs in the space to catch the pretty natural light, creating the perfect spot to chill out and watch the world go by. The ideal opportunity to take five minutes out and snack on a Pink Lady® apple!

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It’s what’s outside that counts

Pink isn’t all about interiors, it’s also a great shade to think about when revamping the exterior of your home. At Home with the Horsleys perfectly demonstrates the impact of a dusky pink front door – the perfect backdrop for a festive wreath during the Christmas period. An affordable small tin of paint unleashed on your front door can make a bold statement and totally transform your house’s curb appeal. If the front door may be a step too far just now, try the side or shed door for a test run!