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At Pink Lady®, we believe in celebrating small ways to create moments of joy and giving ourselves a little lift – just like when eating a Pink Lady® apple.

With proven benefits for our mental health, crafting activities are the perfect opportunity to escape and dedicate yourself to the rewarding, meditative task of creating. Whether a weekend activity or a way to break up your workday and take a moment away from your screens, crafting fosters a sense of mindfulness and wellbeing, sparking joy and helping you to feel revitalised.

We asked Jane Gois of Tea & Crafting to show us three simple, feel-good crafts inspired by our beloved Pink Lady® apples. Embrace a new skill and create something unique to adorn your home or wardrobe or delight a loved one with a one-of-a-kind gift.

Colourful dip-dye candles

Get creative and brighten up your dinner candles with a simple dip-dyeing technique. Inspired by the hues of a Pink Lady® apple, opt for a bold pink and green combination to add a dose of colour into your tablescape or coffee table. It couldn’t be easier to inject some pink positivity into your home – all you need is some dinner candles, old wax crayons and access to a hob. Simply dip your candles into the melted coloured wax for a vibrant dip-dye effect that will freshen up any room.

Mend your well-loved knitwear

Breathe a new lease of life into a well-loved piece of knitwear with some simple stitches inspired by the apple blossom of the Pink Lady® orchards. Rather than throwing your worn-out clothes away, embrace the sustainable practice of upcycling and give your knitwear a second life whilst adding a personal touch. Take a jumper, scarf, or any piece of knitwear in need of a refresh, some sewing thread, a needle, and a Pink Lady® apple to help. Repair holes, cover stains or add some embellishment to a tired piece from your wardrobe with dainty embroidered flowers in just a few stitches.

Repair broken ceramics with kintsugi

Foster positive moments by mending broken ceramics with the Japanese art of kintsugi. Built on the idea that embracing flaws and imperfections creates a stronger, more beautiful piece of art, the kintsugi technique involves repairing broken pottery or ceramics with gold lacquer, creating delicate golden ‘scars’ that become part of the design. Inject a comforting rosy tone, like that of a Pink Lady® apple, into your living space with a dusky pink trinket dish laced with gold. Mix resin and epoxy with gold mica powder to create your shimmering golden lacquer that’ll glue your broken pieces back together, giving you a unique piece to add a touch of joy into your surroundings.

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