A Pink Lady® Christmas tale

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Are you a fan of hanging fruit on the Christmas tree as well as your favourite glass decorations? Hanging edible fruit on the Christmas tree has been a popular custom since the 1800s, but in 1850 following a bad harvest in France, a local glassblower was inspired to develop a new way to adorn the tree…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and families all across Europe were patiently waiting for the festivities to begin. A cold glass of milk was standing next to the burning fire, a trail of footsteps was scattered across the landing and crisp apples were hanging from the branches of Christmas trees as they enjoyed their last moments of silence.

Edible fruits were first paired with evergreen trees during Christmas in the 1800s, primarily united to symbolise the regeneration of life in spring. Soon after, paper streamers and shiny foil were added, reflecting the light of the room and creating the festive scene we recognise today.

After a devastating harvest in 1850 which left no fruit to hang on the Christmas tree, a glassblower from the East of France had a solution to put the sparkle and spirit back into Christmas. By creating fruit-shaped glass baubles, families were again able to decorate their solitary trees and the bauble as we know it was born.

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