What is Snackisfaction?®

The science behind snackisfaction

The pick-me-up, the little lift, that bit of a boost you feel after a satisfying snack – that’s Snackisfaction®. And with a Pink Lady® apple, it comes guaranteed every time.

Snackisfaction® tastes great, feels great and more than scratches the itch of that mid-morning, or afternoon, lull. More importantly it’s free from that dreaded, rubbishy guilt that some snacks leave you with. No glum, all yum.

Experience the great feeling you get when you bite into a Pink Lady® apple when you watch our video below!

That’s sweet snackisfaction

Here are the research results


Everyone likes a snack, but not all snacks were created equal. Do you feel guilty about eating chocolate? Left feeling unsatisfied by carrot and celery sticks? Delve into which snack has the X factor when it comes to Snackisfaction®…

Scale of snackisfaction

The Scale of Snackisfaction® was devised to show just how satisfying some of the country’s favourite snacks are. The Snackisfaction® ranking combines how each snack appeals to our senses with how it makes us feel when we eat it. More than 30 positive and negative emotions and sensory cues were taken into account.

Scale of snackisfaction

Most Snackisfying

Most Snackisfying
Chocolate Shortbread Crisps Carrot Mixed nuts




of people described carrots and celery as tasty


of people described unsalted mixed nuts as tasty


of people described Pink Lady® apples as tasty

Nice looking

Nice Looking

Pink Lady® apples were described as 'nice looking' by more than 60% of consumers, taking first place out of the six snacks tested. Shortbread came second and chocolate was voted third.

Feelings associated with eating a Pink Lady® apple.

Energetic Enthusiastic Active Refreshed Invigorated

The majority of people surveyed typically reach for a snack mid-afternoon.

When asked what encourages them to snack, respondents said:


When I’m low on energy


When I’m bored


When others around me are snacking


When I need a distraction

Battle of the most refreshing snack

Pink Lady® apples were voted the most refreshing snack out of six snacks tested, with carrot & celery coming in second place.

Research by Leatherhead Food Research 2015

Sweet & healthy

Why Pink Lady® beats the rest of the snacks

  1. 1

    Swap a daily 250ml Innocent smoothie for a Pink Lady® apple and save 630 calories every week.1

  2. 2

    A Pink Lady® apple is less than half the calories of a Jordans Wild Berries Frusli Bar.2

  3. 3

    Swap a daily Innocent smoothie for a Pink Lady® apple and save over £450 a year.3

  4. 4

    Swap a bar of chocolate for a Pink Lady® apple three times a week and save over 800 calories each week... that’s almost a pound of fat over a month! 4

Nutritional information

Product Cals Cost
Pink Lady® apple (100g) 47 55p5
Solero Exotic Explosion lolly (250g) 90 83p5
Activia Raspberry Layers yoghurt (125g) 116 47p5
Jordans Wild Berries Frusli Bar (30g) 118 33p5
2 x Ryvita with Philadelphia Lite cheese (33g/2tbsp) 120 55p5
Snack a Jacks (barbecue) (30g) 123 60p5
Innocent Mangoes and Passion Fruit smoothie (250ml) 137 £1.795
  1. Based on calorie intake of a daily 250ml Innocent smoothie.
  2. Based on calorie values as listed opposite.
  3. Based on retail price of 55p for Pink Lady® apple and £1.79 for 250ml Innocent smoothie.
  4. Based on 62.5g Snickers bar at 319 calories per bar.
  5. Based on standard retail price as of June 2012.

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