Chest Opener

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We are back with some exciting new additions to our Pink Lady® Core series. The easy to follow Pilates moves that our expert Jane Linden has chosen are perfect to help strengthen those all-important core muscles.

Introducing the Chest Opener: designed to strengthen the core and increase stability. Follow the steps below to master this move.

Chest Opener

Squat; start standing tall, in your neutral spine position and maintain throughout the exercise.

Hold a band in front of your thighs, with your hands shoulder distance apart.

Imagine you are about to sit back on a chair, which is being pulled away from you.

Bend your knees and start to sit your bottom down and back until your bottom is just a little higher than your knees, simultaneously lifting the band to shoulder height.

First move - squat

Keep your body weight in your heels, you should be able to lift your toes and wiggle them

Your knees should not jut out beyond your toes and you should maintain neutral spine.

second move

Start to raise the band over your head as you return to a standing position in neutral spine, and circle it behind your lower back.

third move

Try and find a stretch across the front of your chest as you reach the band behind you.

fourth move

Reach the band over your head and circle it forwards in front of your shoulders as you squat down again.

fifth move


Things to look out for...

Tuck your tailbone very slightly under to make sure that there is no pressure on the lower vertebrae.

Do not allow your chest to drop towards your knees, you can bring your arms out in front of you as you sit to help balance.

Ensure you don’t allow your elbows to bend and there are no changes to your spine as you circle the band behind your back

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