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Trying to improve your balance and core strength but not sure how to make progress? Try something a little different with our latest Pink Lady® Core exercise: balancing leg swings.

You can do this simple yet effective move in the comfort of your own home using Franklin balls or even a folded towel.

This exercise will improve your balance and abdominal muscles as well as your legs.


Carefully place one foot on two small balls – we used Franklin balls but you could use a folded towel.

balancing one foot on two balls

Lift your opposite leg off the floor so that you are balanced on the two balls, and standing on one leg.

lift one foot off the ground

Try and hold your balance as long as you can, keeping your lifted leg suspended downwards towards the floor.

turn whilst balancing on one foot

Once you feel stable in this position swing your lifted leg backwards and forwards to challenge the strength of your standing leg to maintain your balance. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged throughout.

swing leg backwards and forwards

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