Christmas Recipes with Apples

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It goes without saying that Christmas is a time for indulging your taste buds. And for apple lovers everywhere there’s plenty of flavour combinations and exciting recipes to try over Christmas. So if you’re a little unsure how to use apples this Christmas, we have everything you need to know here.

Cooking with Apples Over Christmas

There are a few ways to use apples over the Christmas period that we all know about. Whether that’s making a delicious mulled apple cider drink or adding slices of apples to the Christmas cheeseboard, we all have our favourite Christmas apple recipes that we turn to at this time of year.

But because Pink Lady® Apples are so versatile, there’s plenty of different ways you can incorporate them into your Christmas feasts. Here’s just a few of our favourite ways to use Pink Lady® Apples on Christmas day and right through the holiday season.

Christmas Side Dishes with Apples

You may think that apples don’t really make sense with a traditional Christmas dinner, but if you’re cooking pork or ham, an apple sauce will always work. Equally you can try some of these side dish recipes we’ve picked out for you.

Celeriac & Truffle Mash with Pink Lady® Apples

We know how it goes in most households. You try to make everyone happy and end up making three different types of potatoes because nobody can agree on which one’s best. Well this is when you need to turn your mash into a moreish side dish that everyone will be going back to for a second helping.

Pink Lady® Apple Mash

Pork & Apple Christmas Stuffing with Walnuts & Herbs

Put the ready mix of stuffing away for another year. For a stuffing with a difference you can try this amazing pork and apple stuffing with walnuts and herbs.

Pork & Pink Lady® apple christmas stuffing

Festive Stuffed Apples

Using the same stuffing as in the previous recipe, you can concoct a real show stopper of a side dish with this stuffed Pink Lady® apples recipe. If Christmas isn’t the time of year you can try something special like this, when is?

Christmas Festive Stuffed Apples

Apple Mince Pies

You can put your tree up, decorate your house and go Christmas shopping, but it’s not really Christmas until the mince pies come out, is it? By adding Pink Lady® apples into the mix you can give your mince pies an extra bite of sweetness that everyone will enjoy.

Apple mince pies

Apple Flavoured Christmas Drinks

Christmas day is all about the food. But what does everyone really look forward to over the whole Christmas period? A few Christmas tipples. And everyone has their favourite.

So what are some of the top Christmas drinks you can make with apples this year? We’ve added a Pink Lady® twist to some classic cocktails, so you can choose your favourite from the selection below. Or give them all a go. It’s Christmas after all.

Mulled Apple Juice with Pink Lady® Pomander

We start with a classic. A truly warming winter tipple, this mulled apple juice is best served in front of a warm fire with friends and family.

Mulled Apple Juice with Pink Lady® Pomander

Apple & Champagne Cocktail

Champagne is a must over Christmas, and you can make this quick cocktail for a champagne breakfast or to serve before dinner.

Apple champagne cocktail

Pink Lady® Mojito

This modern twist on the popular Mojito is sure to go down a treat at Christmas. Plus, it’s as easy to make as it is to drink so you’ll be topping glasses up in no time.

Pink Lady® Apple Mojito

Pink Lady® Apple Martini

This is a martini with a real twist. Swap out vermouth for freshly pressed Pink Lady® Apple Juice and a shot of Apple Sourz. It will be a Christmas party to remember. Or at least partly remember.

Pink Lady® Apple Martini

Christmas Cheeseboard with Apples

Once you’ve helped yourself to a second portion of Christmas dinner, enjoyed a hearty bowl of Christmas pudding or a couple of mince pies, you’ll be slowly easing your way into a food coma. But then someone will bring out the cheeseboard. And there’s always room for a chunk or two of good quality cheese.

And what better way to cut through the buttery tartness of a mature cheddar or a lip smacking creamy blue cheese than with a sweet slice of a Pink Lady® apple? For some inspiration, you could try this cheddar, walnut and honey combination with Pink Lady® apples.

Cheese with Pink Lady® Apples, Walnut & Honey