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The Plank

Want to perfect your plank? Pilates expert Jane Linden, the creator of Pink Lady® Core, has created this series of exercises designed to help you find your inner strength and plank like a pro.

The plank is a great exercise to condition your whole body. It helps to strengthen your arms, shoulders, glutes and torso muscles, which makes it a very functional exercise that prepares the body for all sports and many day to day activities such as lifting heavy weights, whether that’s toddlers or furniture!

This is a very simple exercise that you can do with no need for equipment and in very minimal space. However, simple doesn’t mean easy - the plank requires a person to be able to hold themselves with their abdominals, it requires good strength in the upper body through good shoulder stability and lastly it requires good coordination between the upper body and lower body.  

Pilates expert Jane Linden says the following series of exercises to be an effective way to assess if someone is ready to plank. They also help you to understand and strengthen all the individual aspects that make the plank an effective exercise.


The shoulder drop – improve your shoulder stability

Sternum drops – progress from the shoulder drop using the same action with more load

Double leg stretch – Great if your abs are the factor that challenges your plank

Single leg bridge - coordination between the upper body and lower body


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