Plyometric Squat Jumps

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Following from our Pink Lady® Core Pilates series, we're launching our new A Runner To The Core series specially designed for runners.

Next up are Plyometric Squat Jumps which will allow for faster leg turnover and will enable you push off harder.

Plyometric squat jumps 

Long distance running utilizes mainly slow-twitch muscle fibres, however when performing a plyometric exercise you also teach your body to utilize fast-twitch muscle fibres.


This will enable runners and athletes to maximize muscle recruitment, which will allow for faster leg turnover and will enable the runner to push off harder. This will increase running efficiency and lead to faster times.

Watch outs...

Land with bent knees
Ensure knees are in-line with toes
Keep chest lifted

Before starting our Runner To The Core series, you need to ensure you already have a strong core. Why not work your way through our Pink Lady® Core series?

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