Knee Pull

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Welcome to Pink Lady® Core, a series of bite-sized Pilates tips from our expert Jane Linden designed to help strengthen those all-important core muscles. The third exercise in our series of four is the Knee Pull, an exercise that increases core strength and stability.

To master this move, just follow the steps below.

Knee Pull

Kneel in an all-fours box position.

Your wrists should be directly under your shoulders and your knees should be directly under your hips.

Make sure your spine is in neutral (straight spine) and your abdominals are contracted.

Keep your shoulder blades sliding down towards your hips, and the back of your neck long so that you are looking at the floor.

Imagine that you are balancing a tray of drinks on your lower back.

Tuck all ten toes under and shift your weight forwards into your arms so that your shoulders are slightly forwards of your wrists.

Hover your knees about an inch off the floor to lift yourself up onto your hands and toes, and hold for about 5 seconds, or a couple of breaths.

Focus on maintaining a straight spine by contracting your abdominals.

Place your knees down and shift your weight back towards your heels to reduce the pressure on your wrists.

When you are ready to increase the challenge lift one foot off the floor without changing your posture.

This can be progressed later by reaching the lifted foot back to the wall behind you so that your leg is straight.


Things to look out for...

You may need to stop and give your wrists a roll to ease the pressure every now and then.

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